How do I order a Title or Copyright Report?

Requests for reports can be made through of Online Request Form. Our standard turnaround time frame is seven to ten business days and we also offer rush services of two to three business days and next-business day for additional charges.

Please call/email our office and we will send you our current Schedule of Rates and Services.

What is a Title Report?
A Title Report is a comprehensive report consisting of available information relating to the various uses of a particular title in categories such as television, motion pictures, web series, literature, video/DVD, plays and music derived from our own library and extensive information database as well as a series of online database sources. This report also includes a search of the records of the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Why do I need a Title Report?
Errors & Omissions insurance carriers require Title Reports in order to obtain insurance coverage. Our Title Reports are recommended and accepted by E&O Insurance companies and will disclose any prior uses of identical or similar titles. This information will enable you to discover possible other uses of your title that may be problematic.
Do I need a legal opinion?
Usually, the E&O carriers will want you to obtain a legal opinion to let you know whether or not it is safe for you to use your requested title.
What is a Copyright Report?
A Copyright Report provides available information relating to the ownership of rights in specific works such as motion pictures, books, plays or musical compositions. This report includes a search of possible copyright registrations and recorded documents from The U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.
Why would I need a legal opinion for a Copyright Report?
If you want to know who owns the rights to a particular work or whether a work is in the public domain, you need an opinion. We also can provide you with a foreign copyright opinion.
What is a Chain of Title?
A chain of title is a review of contracts and other documents that show ownership and changes in ownership of rights in a motion picture or other project from its inception. It differs from a copyright report opinion in that we can provide chain of title opinions relating to unrecorded documents if you furnish the documents to us.

Requests for reports can be made on our online request form. Our standard turn-around time is seven to ten business days and we also offer rush services of two to three business days or next business day for additional charges. Please email our office to receive our current schedule of rates and services.