About Our Firm

Our law firm has been providing the motion picture and television industry with title and copyright reports since 1977. Often these reports have included legal opinions with respect to many of the major motion pictures, television shows and digital series of the past 38 years. Our advice is frequently requested to help solve complex copyright chain of title problems as well as foreign copyright matters.

An important aspect of our company is the search of the copyright records at The US Copyright Office which include a search of the In-Process records, that gives information on many registered works before this information is available on the US Copyright Office’s online site.

In addition to major motion picture studios, our clients include smaller to mid-size production companies, law firms and individual authors and authors’ estates. Our international clients include production companies and law firms in Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Australia and throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on giving personal attention to each client’s needs. Our reports are recommended and relied upon by E&O insurance carriers as well as major banks and other parties that are involved in the financing of motion pictures.